Why are my TV speakers cutting out when I plug in my headphones?

Episode 1098 (1:57:33)

Mark from Rhode Island

Mark's mom won a new TV at work and he's been tasked with hooking it up. They also want to have the sound transmitted to a wireless headset for his father. But when he plugs it in, it turns off the speakers on the TV. Suggestions? Scott says that's a common problem and there may be a setting for audio submenus that will give the option to leave the internal speakers on. Scott says that since Mark uses a splitter, it's likely causing the TV to turn off the internal speakers.

David recommends not using the headphone jack, but use the RCA connectors in the back with headphone adapter to route to the base station. Should he use a digital optical converter? Scott says that may be the best and easiest way to solve the issue. They only cost around $40.