What's the best HDTV for under $1000?

Episode 1098 (1:21:36)

Carla from Irvine, CA

Carla is getting ready to head over to Best Buy to buy a new HDTV because her Samsung DLP TV is dying. She's looking at a 55" TV and she doesn't really want anything bigger. Scott says it depends on how far she sits from the TV. Her budget is $1000. Scott says if she can darken the room, she can get a 60" Samsung F5300 plasma for about $800. Scott says it's very nice, but when she has a perfectly white screen, it may have a slight pinkish tinge along the bottom of the screen. But it wouldn't really be noticable on any content.

What about LCDs? Are they better? And what's an LED TV? Scott says that LCD and LED TVs are the same these days. LCD TVs use LEDs to backlight the LCD screen. The ones with backlit, local dimming are the best. In that price range, Vizio is a great value. The M Series in particular - M552i-B2 is $899 and the M551D-A2R is $999. Scott says that the A2R is a 2013 model and that's edge lit. Carla should avoid that one, and go with the B2 model as that has full array LED backlighting with local dimming.

What about the Samsung S6300? Scott says it's edge lit and he doesn't recommend them as much.