Should I rewire my house for my new home theater system?

Episode 1098 (1:47:37)

Chris from Lake Elsinore, CA

Chris is getting ready to upgrade his home theater system. He's looking at a 500 watt system. Will the 14 gauge wiring in his house handle it? Scott says that 12 gauge is what he usually recommends, and David says that 14 gauge should handle it no problem. Since it's a home theater in a box, it's 100 watts per channel, so that his wiring will be more than enough. The Chatroom says to make sure that the amp isn't a class D because that has strange wattage. But since it's a basic RCA HTIB, that's likely not an issue.

Chris also wants to know if regular HD is good for super slo motion video or should he go up to 4K? Scott says no, regular HD will do the job just fine.