How can I stream from my tablet to my TV?

Episode 1098 (1:00:03)

Bret from Woodbridge, NJ
Netgear Push2TV

Bret wants to do true mirroring from his tablet. Is there an app that will do that for him? Scott says that Google I/O is working on true casting or mirroring to Android devices later this year. He could either use AllCast or MiraCast with a separate device like RocketFish or Netgear's Push2TV. MiraCast is beneficial because it uses it's own separate adhoc Wi-Fi network instead. David says that another issue is that Wi-Fi uses 2.4 Ghz and so does just about every other home device. So there's congestion. This is why using a dual band router that can take advantage of the 5Ghz band is helpful.