How can I run HDMI through an old AV receiver?

Episode 1098 (11:10)

Pete from Fullerton, CA

Pete has a Denon A/V 5.1 Receiver, but it's missing HDMI. He would hate to have to replace it, so he's wondering if there's a connector he can put in between to use HDMI. Scott says he can use component - they are red, green and blue RCA plugs.

David says he could run HDMI to the TV and then run optical or coax through his receiver for the audio. Will it have sync issues? Scott says it's usually fine, but he can adjust that through the TV settings. The big issue is that the TV takes the 5.1 surround and down mixes it to two channel stereo. Then he'd have to re-expand it to a faux surround. David says he can run out optical from his cable/satellite to the AVR, but it's complex with switching the receiver and the TV. At the end of the day, though, Scott recommends just upgrading the receiver. He can always put his current one in another room.

Pete has another receiver for outdoors that died and he replaced it. It only plays A speakers alone or B speakers alone. But not both together. Scott says that it's likely just not powerful enough to handle that kind of setup with really long cables running to the speakers.