Chris Marquardt

Episode 1098 (1:08:18)

Scott says he wants to see the Northern Lights and photograph it. Chris says that it's very difficult to take pictures of the Northern Lights because you need long exposure and it can be tricky. But if you do it right, you get very interesting shapes and colors. Chris also wants to talk about Apple killing Aperture Software Development. Chris says that these days, Photographers like to use MetaData and Aperture was really good in helping to organize photos by that MetaData. Now that it's gone, the only real professional option is Adobe Lightroom. But Apple is working on a new software utility called Photos that will have professional level features as well as consumer grade ones. So it may not be that bad, and Apple is streamlining the development because users are taking more photos with their mobile devices.

Aperture isn't doing to disappear from your computer, though. Apple will have a compatibility update for OS X Yosemite as well. Even then, you will also have a migration path to Photos, and Chris isn't too concerned because it does look like Photos will be a good replacement from what he can see.

What does Chris think of the Sony camera add-on lens for mobile phones? Chris says that there are plenty of add-on lenses for the mobile phones. He likes the OlloClip, which does a great job and adds some fun features. The Sony model is rather bulky and he doesn't think he'd take it with him.

Don't forget our current assignment - "Cornered." Take a photo of, about, or otherwise concerning the concept of "cornered" and then post it to the Tech Guy Group on Flickr. Make sure to tag it with the word "cornered" as well! And if Chris likes it, it could end up on our next photo segment!