Should I buy a 4K TV?

Episode 1097 (14:34)

Jim from Freemont, CA

Jim's old JVC projection TV is going black, so he's in the market for a new TV. Should he buy an HDTV or go UHD? How can he future proof his purchase?

Scott says that viewing from 10' away, the optimum screen size is bigger than most would think - about 70". Scott says it isn't really necessary to buy a 4K TV right now. There's not that much content out for it and the standards like color gamut and standards aren't all that settled just yet. So a 4K TV he buys today may be obsolete tomorrow. Not only that, but some TVs upscale terribly. So it's a good idea to go with HD still.

The top three HD LCDs right now are Sony, Samsung, and LG in that order. And the money he saves from not buying 4K he can spend on getting backlit LEDs with local dimming. This provides for better screen uniformity.