How can I mirror to my TV with my Note 2?

Episode 1097 (1:36:08)

Eric from Torrance, CA

Eric mirrors his Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to his HDTV via NetGear. But if he roots it, it won't work. Are there any alternatives to the NetGear? Scott says that's a black art, but he could mirror to his laptop and then HDMI. The chatroom says that the laptop has to be running Chrome for that to happen. The chatroom also says the Google Chromecast won't mirror just yet. Eric could connect it via an MHL cable and then run it that way. Scott says that's "so 20th century." But there is a way and it also fits in his pocket, so as long as the TV has HDMI, he's good to go. Android L, however, will mirror once it comes out.

Scott did some research and he found that using a Chromecast with the app ALLCast will work with it mostly. He can also use an app called MiraCast. It will also work with Roku. What's interesting is that it sets up it's own wireless streaming through Android 4.0 through the Wi-Fi Direct protocol. The downside is that it's battery intensive since it relies on his phone. Samsung also has an app for mirroring, and it's reliant on his phone battery as well.