What's the best option for getting an iPhone off contract?

Episode 1095 (1:29:54)

Tom from Charlotte, NC

Tom's contract with Verizon is almost up and he's thinking of moving to another carrier. Leo says that Verizon is on CDMA and T-Mobile and AT&T is on GSM. But pretty soon all will be on LTE, so it won't matter anymore. He wants to move to a no contract carrier. His mother wants to get an iPhone 5S. Can he get that off contract? What about the iPhone 6? Is that coming in the fall? Leo says that's the speculation. Will it be larger? Leo says nobody really knows. There's been pictures of larger screens, but they're prototypes.

Leo says that T-Mobile offers the iPhone off contract and will even pay his termination fees if he wants to jump ship now. But he'll have to pay full price for the iPhone if he goes off contract. T-Mobile does have a try before you buy option. But we should know more by September with the iPhone. And if they don't make a larger screen, they'll be way behind the curve.