Johnny Jet

Episode 1095 (1:16:51)

Johnny Jet got invited to Scotland and is now at Wimbledon! He saw Nedal and Sherapova play today from center court. He's traveling tomorrow back to the US. Johnny says that The Wimbledon Experience by Wimbledon Tours is the way to see it. But it's not cheap.

Today's travel tip - separate your phone from your cash. You take out the phone from your pocket and it pulls your cash out without you even realizing it. Leo says that's why he uses something with a zipper, so he can zip up his cash and it doesn't fly out. He likes Scott-E Vest.

Today's app - Tennis Buddy. If you're a tennis player and are traveling, Tennis Buddy will match you up with people of your age, level and even gender so you can play while you're vacationing. Leo says that's a great idea. On iOS and Android.

Today's website of the week - You can view search and view drone videos from anywhere in the world!