How can I connect a camera to my Android Tablet?

Episode 1095 (1:05:16)

Eric from Torrance, CA

Matthew has an 11" Asus T100 and he wants to get a smaller tablet. He wants it to work with an inspection camera. He hates Windows 8. Leo says that's no surprise. But if the camera comes with software, then he may be limited. If it's just a generic USB plugin, he may still be stuck. Some tablet's USB plugs only work for charging. He'll need a tablet with a USB plug supported for OTG or "on-the-go" options.

A Samsung tablet requires a special OTG cable. And then he'll have to find software that will support it. That's the next challenge. There are a few on Google Play - Infinitegra is one. He also needs to be sure the app supports the camera. And likely the latest version of Android.