How can I be heard on the internet through Social Media?

Episode 1095 (39:34)

Cheryl from Canyon Lake, CA

Cheryl wants to know how to use social media to reach the most people. Leo says that most social media is set up that most won't hear her unless they follow her. So she'll have to build an audience. She can't expect to be heard by the masses automatically -- she'll have to generate interest. Leo says that a blog or a podcast are good options so she can own a place on the net and get her message out. Then she can use social media as an offshoot of that.

How can she start? The first thing to do is create a website. She can use SquareSpace, WordPress or Blogger. Then she can link Twitter and Facebook feeds to that.

If she's having trouble with a business or organization, tweeting publically will get their attention. Most businesses monitor their Twitter feed, and when people are complaining to hundreds of their closest friends, they take notice and can offer relief. A good company will respond.