Why can't I sign up for my Playstation 4 account?

Episode 1094 (1:39:17)

Russell from Show Low, AZ
Playstation 4

Russell bought a Playstation 4 and he can't create a Playstation ID because it says it's "not allowed." Sony doesn't know why it's happening. Leo says if trying a different ID isn't working, then it could be an issue with his IP address being blocked. Leo says that sometimes an abusive user can cause so much trouble that Sony will ban the ID and nobody can use it. That may be the case here. If the IP address is attached to the ID, then that IP may now be associated with the banned account now. The chatroom says that similar issues were affecting the Playstation and the XBox due to busy servers at the product launch.

Russell is to the point where he's thinking of replacing it with the XBox One. Leo uses the Xbox One and prefers it, but he'd still have to log into an account for it. Russell is wondering if the DDR5 RAM in the PS4 is better than the DDR3 RAM in the Xbox. Leo says that on paper, the PS4 is superior. But it comes down to the games and there's not much difference between them, at least not to the point where he would notice.

Russell also wonders if he'd still have to pay for XBox Live Gold to Skype through it. Leo says maybe. They dumped the requirement of paying for the Gold service for Netflix, but since Microsoft owns Skype, it may still require it.

Here's a great scene from the Big Bang Theory that debates the merits of the XBox One vs. the Playstation 4.