Why can't I open files on my laptop at work?

Episode 1094 (1:49:20)

Lucy from Torrance, CA

Lucy just got her first laptop, a Dell Inspiron. Lately, she's been having issues opening files and saving them at work. But when she's home, it works just fine. Leo says to make sure she's saving files to her local hard drive and not a networked drive that it can't find. The latest version of Office saves to the cloud by default, not a local drive. So if the computer was disconnected from the internet, it wouldn't be able to see that file.

Leo also suspects she doesn't have the full version of Office installed yet. When first running Office, it will allow her to run it while it continues to download the rest of it in the background. Maybe when she disconnected from the internet, she stopped that process before it could finish downloading. Leo recommends getting online at home and making sure that Office is fully updated and installed. She should run the Windows updates as well. Let it do that overnight. That will update and install everything.

Lucy is wondering what tech support she should call about this. Leo says that it's an Office issue and she should call Microsoft. But removing Office and reinstalling should fix it.

Also, Lucy should make sure she turns off Wi-Fi when she goes to work, otherwise it'll keep looking for the Wi-Fi connection that it's expecting to get.