How can I recover data from a damaged hard drive?

Episode 1094 (27:38)

Roger from Monument, CO

Roger was moving his laptop and it fell over. Leo says that if the laptop didn't fall from such a high height, it's unlikely that he physically damaged the hard drive. More likely, the data was spewn across the drive when it rapidly disconnected, leaving it unable to boot. But that could be fixed. If something jarred loose like the circuit board, then there could be hardware damage. Getting the data off it could be expensive -- it could be thousands of dollars. Still, if he has to get that data back, then Leo advises Drivesavers. Don't try the freezer solution. That rarely works.

Roger also mentioned that he had been wearing the FitBit because it can give him information on how he works out. Leo says what he likes about them is that if he's close to his goal, he'll do a bit extra to make it. It builds awareness. But they only usually just monitor walking, running and sleeping. And that's a very limited sports scope. If they could measure more about how people work out, they could be of real benefit.