How can I provide a touch screen interface for customers?

Episode 1094 (2:14:06)

Kenny from San Diego, CA
Apple iPad Air

Kenny has a Mac Mini set up as his front desk. When people walk in, he shows people the tours he offers, since he owns a tour company. He has the Mac Mini connected to two monitors set up to mirror each other. He's wondering if there's an easy way to turn mirroring off when customers aren't there. Leo says he just has to change it in the display settings, and then he'll have an extended desktop with those two monitors, and he can drag things from one screen to the other.

He was also thinking about having a touch screen for the customers so they could control the things they were looking at. Leo says that would be a "kiosk mode", and he would need a touch operating system. Apple doesn't really support that with the desktop, so he might want to get a Windows machine for that. Kenny feels people might be more comfortable using the iPad, so he may want to just get that instead.