Google I/O to Preview Android Wear Devices

Episode 1094 (01:53)

Google I/O is coming this week and Leo says we'll likely see more about Google's new Android Wear initiative, which will include health monitoring watches powered by Android. It'll join a ton of other companies, including Samsung, that are going into fitness watches ahead of what everyone thinks will be an Apple iWatch. Leo says that Apple has already previewed where it's going with iOS 8, but they have yet to announce a device, leaving everyone to wonder when, or if, they even will. But Apple's recent hires hint at it, plus Kobe Bryant has been hanging out at the Apple Campus.

Leo has tried them all and he hasn't been all that impressed so far. It seems the new trend isn't to get really good at the current trend, but to be ready for the next one. He doesn't think they really know what consumers want.