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Watch Ross from Ontario, CAN Comments

Ross wants to know if it's possible to run Mac OS X in virtualization on Windows. Leo says no. Mac OS X is firmware dependent, and as such, it requires the Mac hardware to run. It's easier to run the other way by running Windows virtually from a Mac, though. Ross could build a "hackintosh," but Leo says it's illegal to do and Apple's updates break it on a consistent basis. So it's not really worth it.

Watch Roger from Monument, CO Comments

Roger was moving his laptop and it fell over. Leo says that if the laptop didn't fall from such a high height, it's unlikely that he physically damaged the hard drive. More likely, the data was spewn across the drive when it rapidly disconnected, leaving it unable to boot. But that could be fixed. If something jarred loose like the circuit board, then there could be hardware damage. Getting the data off it could be expensive -- it could be thousands of dollars. Still, if he has to get that data back, then Leo advises Drivesavers. Don't try the freezer solution. That rarely works.

Roger also mentioned that he had been wearing the FitBit because it can give him information on how he works out. Leo says what he likes about them is that if he's close to his goal, he'll do a bit extra to make it. It builds awareness. But they only usually just monitor walking, running and sleeping. And that's a very limited sports scope. If they could measure more about how people work out, they could be of real benefit.

Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi cut the cable and wants to know if the ChannelMaster will take the place of set top box. Leo says yes, it will. So will TIVO. ChannelMaster's TV guide is free, though. And with that, it replaces the set top box completely. But if her TV is older, she may need a digital decoder too. Leo says that the ChannelMaster would replace that as well.

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Watch Tad from Glen Ellen, CA Comments

Tad hears he can run Windows on an Apple computer. Leo says he can, and there's two ways to do this. One is to use Apple's BootCamp. Installing under BootCamp would allow Tad to choose which OS to run when he boots the computer. The other option is running Windows in virtualization. If Tad has a dedicated program that he needs to run on Windows, he can run Windows virtually through Virtual Box, which is free from Oracle. He could also use VMWare's Fusion or Parallels.

If Tad needs Windows to run the fastest, he should use the BootCamp option. If he needs the convenience of running both operating systems side by side, virtualization is ideal. But remember, either way, he'll need to buy a copy of Windows. He shouldn't assume he can get a great deal on eBay, either. Chances are, he'd end up with a serial number that's already been used and Microsoft will block it if he tries to use it. So he should go to a reputable place like Amazon.

Watch Charlie from Moreno Valley, CA Comments

Charlie still uses a Palm Tungsten E2. He also has an iPhone 5, but he prefers the way his Palm Pilot can sort his contacts by category. He's been having trouble syncing his Palm Pilot with his laptop, though. Leo says that the Palm Desktop software will probably work. But the Palm Pilot used a serial port and they aren't available anymore. So he'll have to pick up a serial to USB adapter. Leo thinks he should be able to do everything he wants with the iPhone, though, so let's try and find a solution so he doesn't have to carry both devices all the time.

The chatroom says there are Palm emulator apps for iPhone, which is interesting. He could also look into a third party contact manager that would have more functionality. But the iPhone 5 can sort contacts by groups natively. He just won't be able to create those groups on the iPhone -- he'll have to do it through the Mac or iCloud. Leo recommends syncing his contacts with Google, and he can use Google Keep for notes. Apple also has built in Notes and Reminders apps that are pretty good. As far as keeping his usernames and passwords securely, Leo recommends LastPass. It's a secure and encrypted vault that will store everything securely.

Here's an article from PCAdvisor on how to sort contacts on the iPhone.

Watch Fred from Upland, CA Comments

Fred is remodeling his home and he's got open walls right now. What cabling should he install so he's set for the future? Leo says he should install Cat 6 Ethernet cable. That would really future proof his home with fast data networking. Or he could just go with wireless networking. He should at least run conduit in the walls and as the technologies change, he can then reinstall whatever cable he needs. Fiber optic cable is pretty cheap, but the switches are expensive. That's why Ethernet is still the best way to go.

Watch Bob from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Bob has an iOmega portable hard drive that's starting to die and it's got all of his backups on it. He's trying to transfer the data, but his computer keeps losing the connection. Part of the problem could be that it's only drawing power from the USB port. It may not be getting enough power from the computer. So he should try a powered USB hub. He should also try another computer, like a desktop computer. If that works, then the laptop's power port, or the interface itself, is the issue. If the issue is replicated with a different computer, then it's the drive and he'll need to get the data off. He may need to bring it in to do that.

Another issue is that Windows had a terrible file copying utility, which is why they inserted a command line option called RoboCopy. But in Windows 8, that issue has been fixed.

Watch Ruth from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ruth just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S5 and she's having issues with seeing her calendar. Leo says that Samsung has replaced Google's calendar with its own and he doesn't like it. Leo suggests getting a third party calendar. He likes Sunrise.

Sunrise is an awesome, free calendar that will sync to Google calendar and contacts directly. That's why Google has pushed for Samsung and other manufactures to offer Google editions of their phones.

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Watch Russell from Show Low, AZ Comments

Russell bought a Playstation 4 and he can't create a Playstation ID because it says it's "not allowed." Sony doesn't know why it's happening. Leo says if trying a different ID isn't working, then it could be an issue with his IP address being blocked. Leo says that sometimes an abusive user can cause so much trouble that Sony will ban the ID and nobody can use it. That may be the case here. If the IP address is attached to the ID, then that IP may now be associated with the banned account now. The chatroom says that similar issues were affecting the Playstation and the XBox due to busy servers at the product launch.

Russell is to the point where he's thinking of replacing it with the XBox One. Leo uses the Xbox One and prefers it, but he'd still have to log into an account for it. Russell is wondering if the DDR5 RAM in the PS4 is better than the DDR3 RAM in the Xbox. Leo says that on paper, the PS4 is superior. But it comes down to the games and there's not much difference between them, at least not to the point where he would notice.

Russell also wonders if he'd still have to pay for XBox Live Gold to Skype through it. Leo says maybe. They dumped the requirement of paying for the Gold service for Netflix, but since Microsoft owns Skype, it may still require it.

Here's a great scene from the Big Bang Theory that debates the merits of the XBox One vs. the Playstation 4.

Watch Lucy from Torrance, CA Comments

Lucy just got her first laptop, a Dell Inspiron. Lately, she's been having issues opening files and saving them at work. But when she's home, it works just fine. Leo says to make sure she's saving files to her local hard drive and not a networked drive that it can't find. The latest version of Office saves to the cloud by default, not a local drive. So if the computer was disconnected from the internet, it wouldn't be able to see that file.

Leo also suspects she doesn't have the full version of Office installed yet. When first running Office, it will allow her to run it while it continues to download the rest of it in the background. Maybe when she disconnected from the internet, she stopped that process before it could finish downloading. Leo recommends getting online at home and making sure that Office is fully updated and installed. She should run the Windows updates as well. Let it do that overnight. That will update and install everything.

Lucy is wondering what tech support she should call about this. Leo says that it's an Office issue and she should call Microsoft. But removing Office and reinstalling should fix it.

Also, Lucy should make sure she turns off Wi-Fi when she goes to work, otherwise it'll keep looking for the Wi-Fi connection that it's expecting to get.

Watch Alan from Marina Del Rey, CA Comments

Alan is running Windows in Parallels and now his Windows Media player no longer works. Leo says that it's time to get rid of Media Player. Microsoft doesn't even support it anymore. Leo recommends Media Monkey. It's free. There's also VLC Media player and WinAmp.

Alan says Quicktime also isn't working. Leo says that they may be related. He should try uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Alan says he can't seem to get System Restore in Windows to work either. Leo says instead of doing that, because he's running Windows virtually, he can just take a snapshot with Parallels and restore that snapshot if Windows gets problematic.

Watch Paul from Driving on i5 Comments

Paul bought a new Mac Pro but he's having issues using a third party video card. Leo says that's because of compatibility issues with drivers. Leo says that it's always best to stick with Mac designed video cards or go with Windows. Mac doesn't play well with third party hardware. He should stick with the card that comes with the Mac. If he still wants a third party video card option, Leo recommends going to MacSales. They will have models of cards that are designed specifically for Mac.

Watch Kenny from San Diego, CA Comments

Kenny wants to know if there's any easy way to sync Microsoft Outlook with Apple Mail? Leo says that if the email is handled via IMAP, then all that email is on the server. So if it's on an IMAP server, both Apple Mail and Outlook will access it in the same place. It may not get everything, though. If it doesn't then he'll have to export all of his mail and import it into Apple Mail.

Watch Kenny from San Diego, CA Comments

Kenny has a Mac Mini set up as his front desk. When people walk in, he shows people the tours he offers, since he owns a tour company. He has the Mac Mini connected to two monitors set up to mirror each other. He's wondering if there's an easy way to turn mirroring off when customers aren't there. Leo says he just has to change it in the display settings, and then he'll have an extended desktop with those two monitors, and he can drag things from one screen to the other.

He was also thinking about having a touch screen for the customers so they could control the things they were looking at. Leo says that would be a "kiosk mode", and he would need a touch operating system. Apple doesn't really support that with the desktop, so he might want to get a Windows machine for that. Kenny feels people might be more comfortable using the iPad, so he may want to just get that instead.