What features should I look for in a home theater receiver?

Episod 1093 (1:56:26)

Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA
Onkyo Receiver

Steve had heard that Leo likes Onkyo receivers, and now is wondering what features he should make sure it has: Airplay? Bluetooth? Pandora? Leo says he doesn't really use any of that. It's far easier to use his smartphone for some of those features. The processors are slow for those things anyway. Steve should go with the Roku or his Internet enabled TV to do those things. One feature he liked is the number of HDMI inputs -- the more the better. Should he get a 4K TV? Leo says not right now. It's coming, and it'll be great. But it's way too early in the game to invest in a 4K TV. He should just beef up his HDTV with a backlit LED option instead.