Is there a better internet option than FiOS?

Episod 1093 (1:52:34)

Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA

Steve is going to buy the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera because it can go to 4K. Leo says he has one that he used just yesterday while zip lining, and it had great video. He will sacrifice frame rate by recording in 4K, which is why Leo prefers to use 1080p with 60fps. That's best for sports. They also have a super wide angle field of view. It's a great camera. Rock solid.

Steve is redoing his home theater and he wants to cut the cable for FiOS. Is there a good option for high quality internet? Leo says that's stunning because FIOS is extremely fast. But he's only getting 6MB and he's getting throttled. Leo says that's so frustrating. There's nobody better than FiOS, if he's willing to pay for it. Don't bother with DSL. That would just leave the cable company as the only option.