Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episod 1093 (2:02:44)

The Giz Wiz

This week's gadget is the Impact Gel Grab Pad, billed as the “world's greatest sticky pad.” Dickie D said he took it down to his boat and tested it out vertically to see if it would fall off. And it didn't! It's available in several colors, and is available at Bed, Bath And Beyond for $7.99. Depending on what they charge for shipping, a better deal might be at the company website where on 6/17/2014 it was selling for $5.99 + shipping. Check out his Grab Pad Shock Test Video here.

Leo uses something similar from Dekke. They do a pretty good job, but after it gets dirty, you have to wash them off. Dickie D says that the Grab Pad will wash off and still remain sticky.