Amazon Announces 'Fire' Phone

Episod 1093 (01:06)

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon's announced a new 'Fire' Phone that they say is 3D, but isn't really 3D. It's using a technique called Dynamic Perspective, that Leo says is gimmicky. It uses 4 cameras in each corner, reads the position of your head to the screen, and then modifies the image on the phone to change perspective.

In terms of specs, it's a pretty basic smartphone. It has a 4.7" hi def screen, Snapdragon quad core processor and a 13MP camera. Leo really likes that it has an F2.0 aperture, and optical image stabilization comparable to higher end phones. Amazon has also added unlimited storage of photos in the cloud for free. Another great feature is the "Mayday" button. It's a button that they introduced on the Kindle Fire tablet which gives you access to support via live video chat within 10 seconds. The support rep can take over your phone and help you do things if needed too. Leo says that Amazon's Jeff Bezos talked about everything the phone could do except make phone calls.

Leo says the Android OS is so heavily modified that Amazon calls it the Fire OS. Leo adds that it may become an ideal entry level smartphone for users. It will be available July 25th with AT&T only, $199 for a two year contract, and includes free Amazon Prime for a year.