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Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom is looking to get an Asus Dual Band Router. He's heard good reviews about it. Leo says that routers these days are a dime a dozen; a commodity. There isn't much difference between them, quite frankly. The dirty secret is that they all run the same chip sets. But Asus has started to use the open source firmware solutions like DDWRT. Going with open source firmware allows updates to happen more frequently that keep it secure. Having a dual band option means Tom can go to a different band, like 5 Ghz, when the 2.4Ghz band is congested by everything else. The Asus is a good choice.

Watch Sarah from Oxnard, CA Comments

Sarah took a class in Microsoft Word 2010 and she found it confusing. Leo says that Microsoft didn't want people "burrowing" and so they created a ribbon user interface to help people do more with a click. The guy who created the Word Ribbon is also responsible for the look of Windows 8, the most hated OS ever.

Sarah thinks her classroom teacher was going into her computer via the network and messing with her results. Can she do that? Leo says it is possible to remotely alter the screen. It's called Remote Access. And a teacher can do it if the technology they're using is sophisticated enough. That's why Leo recommends some students learn from a book.

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Watch Robert from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Robert wants to refresh his Windows PC without losing any programs that he doesn't have discs for anymore. Leo says he's going to lose them, and there's no way around it. There are some apps that claim to move software over, but they don't really work all that great. It's very hit or miss. He could install another version of Windows and have two OS installed, but that'll take up a ton of space. If he has a secondary drive, and installs on that, then that would probably be the best way short of tracking down the program itself.

Another option is to take the existing install and turning it into a Virtual Machine (known as Physical to Virtual). He can then install a new version of Windows and then run the old install virtually using Virtual Machine. That would likely be the best way to go. Robert should check out VMWare.

Watch Claudia from North Edwards, CA Comments

Claudia's son wants her to combine her cellphone with her internet to make one bill. Leo says that if she can get 4G LTE internet on her cell phone, then she'd have faster speed than the satellite internet Claudia currently has. But she has to see what wireless company has high speed internet coverage in her area. If there is one in her area, then it'll not only be faster, but cheaper. Verizon makes a point of getting good coverage near military bases, so that may likely be the best option for her. Leo also recommends talking to neighbors to see what is working for them.

Watch John from Dayton, OH Comments

John is having issues with Windows 8.1 and a hard drive failure that has wiped out his Windows key. Leo says if he doesn't have the key, he'll have to contact Microsoft. There may be a way to recover the key from the hard drive. The chatroom says Belarc Advisor can give him the key as it will have it listed in it's register. Leo says that Microsoft also saves the product key in his Microsoft account, so he can log in with another machine and see it. But John says that Microsoft has blocked the key, so it won't help. Leo says the boot UFEI firmware saves it as well. So he could do a restore and the firmware should take care of entering it. But if Microsoft has blocked it, then he'll need to contact them to get a new key.

John should try one of these links:

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Watch Larry from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Larry has failing eyesight and records audio to SD cards to listen. He says he can't record using his DVR and just get the audio. He would like to record nonstop for hours on end. Leo says that DVRs aren't very well designed, especially for accessibility. Leo says that TIVO used to work on uVerse but sadly, not anymore. One suggestion may be MythTV. He can buy it pre-built or because it is open source, he can build his own.

Watch Debbie from Calabassas, CA Comments

Debbie wants to buy her son a laptop computer for his birthday, and wants to know if there's a Mac for around $500. Leo says no. She can get a base MacBook Air for $900, which has an 11" screen. It's powerful and affordable. 128GB is a fine size for an SSD and Debbie's son can always add an external hard drive, or he can bring it back and get something different. Should she get it at the Apple Store or at Best Buy? Leo says she won't save any money getting it at Best Buy. So she should go at the Apple Store. And if he needs Windows applications for work, the Mac will be able to run Windows so he could get those to work as well.

Watch Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Steve is going to buy the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera because it can go to 4K. Leo says he has one that he used just yesterday while zip lining, and it had great video. He will sacrifice frame rate by recording in 4K, which is why Leo prefers to use 1080p with 60fps. That's best for sports. They also have a super wide angle field of view. It's a great camera. Rock solid.

Steve is redoing his home theater and he wants to cut the cable for FiOS. Is there a good option for high quality internet? Leo says that's stunning because FIOS is extremely fast. But he's only getting 6MB and he's getting throttled. Leo says that's so frustrating. There's nobody better than FiOS, if he's willing to pay for it. Don't bother with DSL. That would just leave the cable company as the only option.

Watch Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Steve had heard that Leo likes Onkyo receivers, and now is wondering what features he should make sure it has: Airplay? Bluetooth? Pandora? Leo says he doesn't really use any of that. It's far easier to use his smartphone for some of those features. The processors are slow for those things anyway. Steve should go with the Roku or his Internet enabled TV to do those things. One feature he liked is the number of HDMI inputs -- the more the better. Should he get a 4K TV? Leo says not right now. It's coming, and it'll be great. But it's way too early in the game to invest in a 4K TV. He should just beef up his HDTV with a backlit LED option instead.

Watch Rob from Newark, NJ Comments

Rob has a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and he's got it set to disable the autofill, but it does it anyway. Leo suggests using a different browser. Google Chrome is the best option, and is far more secure.

The chatroom says that the keyboard is doing it, not the browser, and he can disable that in the settings. Leo also uses a third party keyboard called SwiftKey.