What should I replace my computer with?

Episode 1092 (1:16:56)

Joyce from San Diego, CA

Joyce is looking for a new computer, but doesn't know what she should get. She mainly uses it for email, websites, and games. Leo says that Joyce uses a computer that's probably too much for her, or more than she really needs. He recommends going with the iPad. What about Wi-Fi? Leo says that an iPad with a 4G LTE connection would be best. Every carrier offers it and Joyce can pick the one that works best in her area. It'll cost her about $30 a month, but it's well worth it. The iPad Air, 32GB for Verizon sounds like Joyce's best option. If she gets it at the Apple store, they'll even set it up for her.

Another reason why Joyce should have an iPad is security. Joyce is a prime candidate for scams and the iPad goes a long way towards keeping her safe. But even with that, she's only as safe as her own online behavior.