What case should I get for my iPad?

Episode 1092 (59:20)

Mark (iDocMark) from Syracuse, NY

Mark got a new iPad Air and he thinks it's essentially an iPhone with a larger screen. Leo says that is kind of true, but it's also a different, more enjoyable experience because it's a large, 10" screen. Mark needs to get a cover for it and there's so many options. Leo says that a cover is a personal choice and there's no lack of choices to choose from. Leo likes the DoDoCase Moleskin case that makes it look like a folio paper notebook. So it's very obscure and as such, safer. It's very protective, but it does add a bit of bulk.

Speck also makes excellent cases. He likes the CandyShell version.

If he wants a keyboard as well, Logitech makes a keyboard folio that works really well. But it's more of a bluetooth keyboard than protective case. It's not cheap at $100. But it does turn the tablet into a laptop.

How's the Apple Smart Case? Leo says terrible. It's overpriced and it doesn't stand up the iPad well at all.