Should I switch from iPhone to Android?

Episode 1092 (15:49)

Jonathan from California

Jonathan is looking to make "the Switch," from the iPhone to Android. He has an iPhone 5S and he isn't happy with AT&T. Leo says that the iPhone 5S is unlocked and as such, Jonathan could bolt and take that phone to T-Mobile. T-Mobile may even pay him to do it.

If he wants to move to Android specifically, the HTC One is a solid alternative. The screen is a little larger, and better than the iPhone's retina screen. The speakers are in the front, so the audio is directed toward you. It is a bit different, but most of the apps Jonathan uses on the iPhone are now available through Android. What about battery life? Leo says that there are super saver modes in Android phones that extend battery life even more, unless he's on Verizon.