Should I get an All-in-One computer?

Episode 1092 (27:31)

Richard from Placentia, CA

Richard is thinking about getting the Dell XPS All-in-One Computer to replace his XP machine. Leo says it's a pretty good machine that's essentially their version of the iMac. Very elegant design, and no wires. The only downside is that if something goes bad, it's all down for the count. He can't swap out a hard drive, for instance. Leo also says that going forward, Windows 8.1 is the way to go and it fixes a lot of things that Windows 7 broke. Security and performance is better. A lot of people aren't a fan of the Metro tiled interface, but it's the future and Richard should go with it. He should get a touch screen as well.

Should he go with Microsoft 365 or should he just buy a new copy of Office? Leo says that the advantage of Office 365 is that he can install it to five different computers, it's always up to date, and he won't have the sticker shock of paying for it up front. At $10 a month, he won't even miss it. So go with the subscription.