How can I start a review channel on YouTube?

Episode 1092 (1:31:39)

Sean from Detroit, MI

Sean is getting into reviews and wants Leo's recommendations on how he can do it. Leo says first and foremost, he should make sure he returns everything a company sends him for review. Leo prefers to buy everything so that way he can give a frank and honest review without being beholden. But that can be rather pricey. So borrow and request anything he can. Leo recommends starting the YouTube channel or blog first and building his quiver of reviews.

Leo recommends Marques Brownlee's YouTube on how to best run his YouTube review channel. He does a great job. And he shouldn't think he'll make a living for a long while. Most don't make money on YouTube. It takes a long time to build the audience to the point where it would be possible to have a full time gig out of it. He should do it for the passion of it, and he'll build an audience. But remember, he's competiting with thousands of others trying to do the same thing. It's a tough thing to get into.

Check out this article in the New York times about YouTube stars chasing the dream.