FCC Promises to Investigate ISP's Buffering

Episode 1092 (05:17)

If you're a Netflix customer using Verizon FiOS or DSL, you may have noticed a message being displayed when video streaming slows down. The message blames Verizon's network congestion for the video buffering. Netflix has been confirming that the issue is with Verizon by checking with other Verizon customers. Verizon sent Netflix a cease and desist letter saying that if they don't stop doing this, they will sue.

Verizon, like all 5 of the big broadband providers in the US, has not been upgrading the gear that they use to interconnect with streaming providers like Netflix. They don't want it to work well until they get paid from the content providers. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has said the FCC will get involved in this dispute.

Meanwhile, Google has announced that they've wired the city of Portland with gigabit fiber optic broadband and wifi. And they promise not to slow down anyone.