Should I install the Mavericks updates even though I'm running the OS X Yosemite beta?

Episode 1091 (08:49)

Chris from West Covina, CA

Chris knows that Apple is opening up the live beta of OS X Yosemite to the public. Leo says that this is the first time that Apple has offered a free public beta for a major release. But you have to be selected to be part of it. Chris has installed it because he's been approved, and he wants to know if he should add the updates that are coming in for Mavericks. Should he ignore them?

Leo says that's a good question. Ideally, Chris shouldn't see any updates for anything other than Yosemite. Leo says he wouldn't do it on his only Mac unless he really wants to help out. Leo advises running Yosemite as a dual boot option. He should accept updates for Yosemite, but if they are Mavericks' updates, he shouldn't. That indicates a bug in the OS and it could end up causing a lot of problems. Leo also thinks that public betas of operating systems is a hassle, because when it comes time to finalize things, users will have to wipe their drive and reinstall the final version. What about firmware updates? Leo says that's a different story. He should do those.