Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1091 (18:46)

Scott is back to talk home theater and the World Cup! He's heard that in Brazil, they've banned the use of the vuvuzella since it was such a problem last time. Scott has also heard that the World Cup is being recorded in 4K and the final will be broadcast in UHD. But not many will be able to see it in 4K at all. They should at least stream it in 4K, but they're not. They are recording it for a movie down the road. Leo wonders if this is the next step and that in 4 years we'll see it in 4K. The train has left the station. In fact, NHK in Japan is testing 8K right now. Leo wonders why NHK is so far ahead of everyone else. Scott thinks it may be a cultural thing as Japan is so focused on technology.

In reality, most people won't be able to tell the difference unless they have a really large screen or sit really close. In fact, it's no longer dangerous to sit up close and if you can fill up the field of view with the screen, you get a more immersive experience. The peripheral vision, though, isn't as detailed. Scott also says that going higher in frames per second will improve resolution more than the actual pixels themselves.