If I downgrade to Windows 7, can I still keep the Windows 8 recovery partition?

Episode 1091 (1:14:59)

Brandon from Palm Springs, CA
Windows 8

Andrew bought a new computer with Windows 8, but wants to switch to Windows 7. He wants to know if he can erase Windows 8, but still keep the Windows 8 recovery partition. Leo says that Windows 8 initially was confusing and it didn't really know what it wanted to be. But he's gotten used to it, and Leo says it's the future of Windows, so we might as well get used to it. Andrew just has to learn its quirks like just typing to launch programs.

The next version of Windows, code named "Threshold," is coming next year, and word is that it'll make Windows 7 users a lot happier. It'll be Windows 8, but refined with a full start menu.

Photo: "Windows 8 Start Screen". Via Wikipedia