Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1091 (2:04:21)

Dickie D says that according to recent studies, the cell phone is the dirtiest thing people own. That's why Phone Soap is a great gadget. It's not really soap, it's an ultra violet light gadget that not only sanitizes your phone, but can charge it at the same time thanks to a USB port. When you close the Phone Soap Charger cover, the UV rays will sanitize the phone while the USB charges it. The sanitizing part takes under 5 minutes and will then shut off. The phone will continue to charge until it reaches 100%. Cost is $59.95. Buy it on Father's Day and get 20% off with the code "dadsday."

Check it out at www.phonesoap.com.

Leo says it's snake oil. If a phone hasn't killed you yet, it's not going to.