How can I recover a failed hard drive?

Episode 1090 (1:33:42)

Norman from Tallahassee, FL

Norman has a MyBook Live USB drive that has died and he needs to get the pictures off it. Leo says that the drive itself may not be dead, but the enclosure could be. He could try a different cable, or a different computer. Then try removing the enclosure and putting it into a universal drive adapter. Plug that into his computer and it could work. If it doesn't, then the next step is to run software on it like SpinRite, and Recuva. If the hard drive itself has failed, Drive Savers can do it, but it's very expensive. Even then, it could be lost forever. That's why he should be backing up.

Leo also advises calling a local computer club and explaining his dilemma, and perhaps someone will come out and help recover it. Even the local computer science program could help. From the chat room -