Can I run Windows 7 on an old MacBook Pro?

Episode 1090 (40:25)

Robert from Cincinnati, OH

Robert is excited about all the news from WWDC and Apple's new features for OS X and iOS 8. Leo says they were all very exciting, if they all happen. Apple hasn't had much luck with the network services that they have offered: MobileMe comes to mind. But if they can deliver, it'll be very exciting.

Rob also has a five year old MacBook Pro and is thinking about dual booting Windows 7 on it. Should he do that, or just buy a new Windows machine? Leo says that even at 5 years, it'll have plenty of horsepower. Windows 7 is actually a bit more lightweight than previous versions. RAM is going to be an issue more than processor, and if he's running virtually through VMWare 5, he'll be sharing that RAM with OS X. So at least 4GB is required. Rob has 8 GB. Leo says make sure he devotes that to Windows 7 in the VMWare settings. There's no real need to get a new computer. And if he needs more speed, he can run BootCamp instead and just boot into Windows natively. Then he'll be more than fine.