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Watch Joshua from Greenville, WI Comments

Josh is on his dad's plan and he doesn't want to pay for a smartphone with a data plan. Is there an affordable option? Leo says that buying an unlocked phone will be a bit pricey, but then he won't have to have the data plan. He could get a Motorola Moto G for about $150 unlocked and unsubsidized, which is what he'll want. Then in two years, he can put a SIM card in it when Josh is on his own contract.

GSM with TMobile or AT&T is the best option. The Moto G is a low priced Android phone. Is there a similar Samsung option? Leo says sure, if he wants to pay a bit more. He can probably get a Galaxy SIV or SIII.

The Chatroom says that going to and getting a Google Nexus 5 is a good option too. For about $300. Leo says that's a great idea.

Watch Robert from Cincinnati, OH Comments

Robert is excited about all the news from WWDC and Apple's new features for OS X and iOS 8. Leo says they were all very exciting, if they all happen. Apple hasn't had much luck with the network services that they have offered: MobileMe comes to mind. But if they can deliver, it'll be very exciting.

Rob also has a five year old MacBook Pro and is thinking about dual booting Windows 7 on it. Should he do that, or just buy a new Windows machine? Leo says that even at 5 years, it'll have plenty of horsepower. Windows 7 is actually a bit more lightweight than previous versions. RAM is going to be an issue more than processor, and if he's running virtually through VMWare 5, he'll be sharing that RAM with OS X. So at least 4GB is required. Rob has 8 GB. Leo says make sure he devotes that to Windows 7 in the VMWare settings. There's no real need to get a new computer. And if he needs more speed, he can run BootCamp instead and just boot into Windows natively. Then he'll be more than fine.

Watch Ofer from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ofer is going to be reviewing websites and wants to link them by a thumbnail. He makes two images and it's just too much work. Leo says that using HTML and adjusting the resolution will work. It loads a full image, but shrinks it down to thumbnail size until they click on it. Very easy.

He can also do batch resizing. Irfanview is a great choice for that. Wordpress or Jumla has the option to do it rather simply as well. But when he inputs the link in HTML, he can specify height and width and it'll appear smaller.

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Watch Jen from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Jen has an old Samsung Galaxy mobile phone that was bricked during an over-the-air update. She's also heard that others are having the same problems. What can she do? Samsung doesn't seem to care. Leo says it could just be a bad battery, which she could replace. If that isn't the problem, then the update is the culprit. If she can get into recovery mode, then there's a chance. To do this, she should press the On button and volume up button at the same time and hold it until it gets into recovery mode.

If that doesn't work, then it may just be dead. And if it's out of warranty, there's not much she can do. She may be able to make a case to get support for this. If she wants to be ambitious, she can go to XDA-Developers forum and look try using ODIN to get into the phone to revive it through the firmware. But if it's a hardware failure, it's toast.

The Chatroom offers this link on how to troubleshoot it -

The Motorola Moto G is only $150 unlocked. So if she can't get it back, that's not too much to pay to replace it.

Watch Johnny from Fontana, CA Comments

Johnny is being offered unlimited internet through Verizon. Leo says that unlimited is never really unlimited. They'll throttle him and slow him down after a few gigs. So he should pay attention to that. He currently has 3GBs through AT&T. Leo says it's hard to get past that unless he's streaming video. And if he has Wi-Fi, it's even harder. So check that the phone he is getting is going to have a hotspot capability, which most do natively. But he'll have to pay extra for it.

Watch Raymond from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Raymond's boss wants him to do podcasts for work. Where can he host it? Leo says that LibSyn is great because it's cheap and they don't charge for bandwidth, only the storage for the podcast. At $5 a month, it can't be beat. It'll even submit the podcast to iTunes. Soundcloud is a great free storage option that will support podcasting. But it doesn't have as many features.

Watch Norman from Tallahassee, FL Comments

Norman has a MyBook Live USB drive that has died and he needs to get the pictures off it. Leo says that the drive itself may not be dead, but the enclosure could be. He could try a different cable, or a different computer. Then try removing the enclosure and putting it into a universal drive adapter. Plug that into his computer and it could work. If it doesn't, then the next step is to run software on it like SpinRite, and Recuva. If the hard drive itself has failed, Drive Savers can do it, but it's very expensive. Even then, it could be lost forever. That's why he should be backing up.

Leo also advises calling a local computer club and explaining his dilemma, and perhaps someone will come out and help recover it. Even the local computer science program could help. From the chat room -

Watch Richard from Oxnard, CA Comments

Richard wants to get a new computer to replace his XP machine, but he's concerned that Microsoft may do the same thing to Windows 7. Leo says that Microsoft has scheduled updates past 2020, so he'll get plenty of mileage out of that Windows 7 machine. It'll likely go even longer than that.

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Watch Jamie from Long Beach, CA Comments

Jamie wants to cut the cord and has heard about the Channel Master DVR for broadcast. Leo says that the chatroom recommends it all the time, and if he has a good antenna signal, it's a great option since HD is uncompressed over the air. But can he watch it elsewhere? Leo says it's fairly easy with it's ToGo capability, which would let him move his programs to his phone or tablet. He can also get just about everything online except for live programming like sports, awards ceremonies, and the news.

Watch Remy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Remy is a psychologist and he keeps a lot of patient data on his phone. How can he lock that down without having to lock down all of his phone? Leo says it's wise to lock it down completely. If it's lost or stolen, he'll really want to make it difficult for someone to get to the data. Password protecting the phone with a passcode isn't that big of a disruption, and it's an extra measure to protect that data he's talking about. It encrypts the entire contents of the phone.

A good solution though is a password vault like LastPass. He can also use LastPast to store patient notes, SSNs, and more, and it's unaccessible to anyone except Remy since only he would have the password. Leo uses it all the time because not even LastPass has access to the information. So that makes it HIPA compliant. Leo suggests getting the premium version for $12 a year. But all the encryption and security in the world won't protect him from his own behavior.

If he has separate accounts on his computer, he should make sure he has them run as a limited user. Don't ever use the Admin account. Then he's prevented from installing apps and malware. How is Kaspersky? Leo says it works just fine. He prefers Eset's Nod32, but if he's already using Kaspersky, he'll be just fine.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor)

Watch Fran from San Diego, CA Comments

Fran wants to get her husband a new computer. Leo says that the Asus S7 is a great ultrabook running Windows 8. Very powerful and beautiful. Leo uses one for all of his Windows needs.

Leo also likes the Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1. And she can get it with Windows 7 from Lenovo. She should get an i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. He should be happy with that. But if he wants a Touch screen, she should get him a Windows 8 machine. But she should make sure that's what he wants first.

Watch Mark from Aliso Viejo, CA Comments

Mark hates Adobe Reader and has removed it in favor of using FoxIt. Leo says rightfully so! But he's concerned about security in FoxIt. Leo says that FoxIt has different issues. But with everything coming off the internet, it's a heck of a challenge to protect against it. Bad guys have moved on from trying to hack the operating system and are now going after third party software like Adobe reader or FoxIt. But since FoxIt has a smaller "footprint" on the internet, it's less risky. It still pays to keep everything up to date just in case.

There's other choices like NitroPDF, Cute PDF, PrimoPDF, and Sumatra. Not safer, just less used. There's a great list over at -

Watch Jim from Harbor City, CA Comments

Jim is having boot problems with his iMac running Snow Leopard. It's constantly telling him to restart. He can't boot from a startup disk. Leo says it sounds like a Kernel Panic. It means that the computer just can't go on. So that means that there's a serious issue with the hardware. Jim can try zapping the PRAM by rebooting and holding down CMD-OPT-P-R. Sometimes that'll solve it. But it's more likely a logic board problem or a power supply.