What is a good solution for keeping my Office documents in the Cloud?

Episode 1089 (15:09)

Todd from Sacramento, CA

Todd has always backed up his documents to a flash drive, but since it has failed, he's starting think there has to be a smarter way to do it. He was thinking of putting them on Google Docs. Leo says it's a good solution that's free, but it can be limited. Leo likes Microsoft's Office 365 since it's cloud based, yet documents can still be stored locally.

Leo says that the File Transporter is a personal solution that offers a personal cloud that gives him access to all of his data anywhere. There's also DropBox, which does the same. Both of these will keep his files synced.

The negative to syncing local files to the cloud is that it's easy to end up with duplicate files. These file syncing systems don't know which file is the authoritative one, and will just create another copy of it. Office 365 is $8 a month, which is very affordable. It also has a web based version that allows him to install up to five computers and edit them on anything from a desktop to an iPad. Very polished, and great for Todd who is using Office for his work.