Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1089 (26:08)

Leo just upgraded to Comcast's more professional internet package and it doesn't come with bandwidth shaping or caps and Netflix runs so much better. But it wasn't cheap. Scott says that moving forward, that's what you're going to need when we get into the 4K world, because ISPs are going to want to buffer the content that uses that much data.

A listener question - Dave wants to upgrade to a 4K LED TV. Scott says to wait. The current state of the art will have edge-lit LEDs, because it allows the TV to be thinner and cheaper to make. But that comes at a cost since the colors aren't as good, particularly the blacks. The TV makers say that they can also do local dimming, but Scott says they can't really. Not true local dimming at least. Edge lit doesn't offer screen uniformity, and instead creates "flash lighting" where the corners look lighter. Backlit LEDs are far better.

4K TVs are being sold, but they aren't really ready yet. All they've been able to say is that you get 4 times the resolution, but for normal viewing, as you won't see the difference in detail between 1080p and 4K. Your eyes simply aren't sensitive enough to it. So Scott says hang on to what you got for a few more years until the technology is there. Then you can upgrade.