Noteworthy Features Announced by Apple at WWDC 2014

Episode 1089 (02:38)

Apple announced several noteworthy new features at its WWDC 2014 presentation on Monday, June 2. Apple usually spends some time in the beginning of these announcements giving a self-congratulatory report, but they didn't waste much time during this keynote. They did talk briefly though about the growth of the Mac and how many iOS units have sold to date. They also referred to Android as a "toxic hellstew" of security vulnerabilities. This was all part of the "new Apple" that seems to be emerging with Tim Cook at the helm, taking jabs at competitors like Google and Microsoft. Apple did announce some exciting new features, though.

Apple is going to support home automation using iOS, in an effort to unite all of the individual parts of it. For instance, you'll be able to say "Goodnight Siri," and have it automatically lock your doors, turn off your lights, change the temperature, and more. In fact, you won't even have to touch the phone because you'll be able to just say "Hey Siri" to activate it.

Apple also announced Health, an application that will be on iOS 8. We still don't know what device it will be tied to, but as of now it will get data from other third party health applications. Apple is taking aim at Google, and a lot of these new technologies are things that Google has kind of done, but now it will be under Apple's roof. This is good especially for those who are concerned about privacy with Google products.