Johnny Jet

Episode 1089 (1:17:16)

Johnny Jet is in studio today. Johnny travels to about 20 countries a year and thinks that people should go to a new country every year. Especially to see the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Macho Pichu, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, etc. Those are the most notable from learning world history. What are your favorite travel apps? Johnny just heard about NextBus, which tells you when the next bus is coming where you are. Leo likes Google Maps because you can see it anywhere and the street view is amazing. And it'll guide you back to your hotel wherever you are.

What's Johnny's favorite airport? Singapore. Johnny also likes Heathrow's T5, but he's not a fan of Heathrow itself because you're always circling. There's a lot of airport apps out there.

What phones does he use? He uses the Lumia Windows Phone and a Samsung Android phone. He also puts his boarding pass on it, but still keeps a printed version, just in case. Use whatever airline app you're flying on. That's important.

Does Johnny use a travel agent? Rarely. Usually for big, once in a lifetime trips. He always books himself for regular travel. But for those priceless trips you need extra help, you can't beat a travel agent.

NixiePixel is a YouTuber who's stranded in Asia due to being sick. She missed her return flight and now they won't let her leave unless she pays thousands or waits months for another flight. What can she do? Johnny says she likely bought a non-refundable ticket and had no travel insurance. As such, when she got sick, she missed her flight. A refundable ticket is more expensive. She could use her airline miles. Johnny always keeps 100,000 miles in reserve just in case of emergencies. She can also go to the airport and plead her case with a ticket agent. If she gets the right one, she could get lucky. But it's getting more difficult. Bring chocolates. Social media will also help to apply pressure as airlines don't want bad publicity.

Johnny is also in the running for the USA Today Travel Blogger of the year awards for Best Twitter Traveler. Leo says the TWiT Army should bring him across the finish line! You can vote here.