How can I get my podcast on the first page of Google?

Episode 1089 (39:40)

Andre from Newhall, CA

Andre has a podcast based on DragonBall Z, but his podcast doesn't appear in the first few pages of the Google search results. Leo says that's because Andre's podcast is so new with only two episodes, and doesn't have the page rankings yet. That takes time and effort to get others to link to it. Andre will get ranked higher as higher ranked sites link to him. Andre shouldn't make inorganic links or artificial links, though. Google hates that and are very sensitive to people trying to game the system. He just has to spend the time and effort to contribute to the community and get the word out.

Leo recommends hanging out in the communities, get on social media, and make sure he uses "DragonBall Z Podcast" in his website's title. He should make sure that Google is indexing his site correctly, and use the webmaster tools. has lots of information on how to better position his site. But don't fall for the "Search Engine Optimization" stuff. Anything they do, Andre can do, and they may be shady and cause Google to delist him.

Andre's podcast site is located at