Google's Sergey Brin Admits His Involvement in Google+ was "a Mistake"

Episode 1089 (05:41)

Violet Blue from ZDnet put out a very strongly worded opinion piece blaming Google's Sergey Brin about the woes of the world. She says that in 2011, Brin was telling all of us that Google+ was the future of Google. But just earlier this week, Brin confessed that his involvement in anything tangentially related to social media was a mistake to begin with. She goes on about how Google sees the users as a "little more than webs of flesh spun over packages of salable data."

Leo says yes, this is true, but Google is not some big robotic machine, it's made of people. There's a little bit of a backlash happening. The deal that we, the users, have made is that we get to use this great service, and the way we pay for it is with our information and attention. They use the information they collect to sell relatable ads. This is how Facebook works as well. The problem about Google is that it's tightly integrated into the web. Google provides so many services, it's hard to avoid them.

Apple, however, is offering to act as a proxy to do the search via Siri. Google won't get any information from the user, because it's Apple performing the search. Apple's proposition more and more is that they sell hardware and not advertising, so they protect user privacy. Leo says that's technically true, but the only reason they aren't into ads right now is that they haven't made it work just yet. So at the end of the day, Apple wants you to distrust Google and Facebook, and trust them. But can you, really?