WWDC Keynote Is Tomorrow, June 2

Episode 1088 (03:28)

Tomorrow is WWDC (WorldWide Developer's Conference) as Tim Cook and his development posse will deliver a keynote that Leo thinks will feature software announcements of OS X, code named "Syrah." Some believe it'll be called "Yosemite," though. We'll also see a preview of iOS 8 which will be out in the fall. But there are some who believe there will be hardware announcements of new iMacs or Mac Pros. Maybe even a MacBook Air with retina display. Don't hold your breath for a new iPhone or iPad, as Apple moved it to a fall release schedule a few years ago. There's also the possibility of a 4K display since OS 10.9.3 has support for UHD. Leo says it's expensive at $2,500, which is more than most Mac computers!

Leo will be covering the WWDC Keynote live at 10am on the TWiT podcast network. There is talk that Apple is going to stream it live.