Should I get DSL or cable internet?

Episode 1088 (53:37)

Sondra from Bellflower, CA

Sondra just bought a new computer at Best Buy, she's thinking of getting DSL Extreme. Is it good? To figure out what would be best for Sondra, she should understand the differences between DSL and cable internet.

DSL will be more consistent than cable because the cable bandwidth is shared by the neighborhood it's in. The more people use it, the slower the service becomes. DSL has an overall slower speed by contrast, but that speed will be more consistent. If she's too far from the DSL central office, the max speed decreases. If she had FIOS available to her, it's a better service, but she won't want them to cut the copper line when they install it.

Sondra also wants to know what's the best browser. Leo prefers Google Chrome over Internet Explorer. Chrome is far more secure. Especially when using Flash.

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