Can I use an HDTV as a PC gaming monitor?

Episode 1088 (24:15)

John from Silver Springs, FL
Samsung HDTV

John would like to connect his computer to an HDTV and he's not really interested in 4K. What's the best TV? Leo says that there's not much content for 4K and even if there was, computers can't take advantage of it. A 1080p HDTV with HDMI will work just fine. And for gaming, a 60hz set will be sufficient.

How's Valve's Steam? Leo says he uses it all the time for PC gaming and it works great. It saves games cross platform, manages the games, and games can be purchased through it. Valve also is building the Steam Machine to compete with the XBOX One and PS4. But there's issues of cost and game selection. So it's not ready for prime time just yet. Valve's long term health is questionable, too.