Can I sell my iPhone even though I just bought it?

Episode 1088 (43:56)

Frannie from Gloster, NJ
HTC One (M8)

Frannie learned to build computers from Leo and Patrick several years ago. But now, she's a bit lost with all this mobile phone stuff. She picked up a Samsung Galaxy 4, while her husband got an iPhone 5S. He hates the 5S and she loves the Galaxy 4. Leo says that aside from the junkware, it's a nice phone. But what she wants to know is, how does she back it up? Leo says that there's a default setting that lets Google backup apps and settings. When she signs into Google, it starts backing up automatically.

She also wants to know if her husband can sell the iPhone and get a Moto X. Leo says that's a good idea, but he'll have to pay full price for it. Another option is the HTC One. It has a nice camera, and metal case.