Can camera sensors degrade?

Episode 1088 (11:48)

Doug from Seattle, WA

Doug has an old Mini CD video camera. He says it takes good pictures. His Sony point and shoot isn't as "snappy" as it used to be, and he wonders if the sensor may have degraded over time. Leo says that CCDs can degrade, but CMOS chips don't usually.

What does Leo think of third party ink cartridges? Leo says that he doesn't have a problem with remanufactured cartridges, but some printers replace the printer head when you replace the ink. So third parties don't usually replace that. Some printers won't take third party cartridges at all because they have chips in them that the printer is programmed to look for.

Doug also has a laptop that he always keep plugged in. Is that safe for the battery? Leo says absolutely. In fact, it's the best thing for it. Every Lithium Ion pack has a finite number of cycles, usually around 500, after which it likely will stop charging. So to keep it plugged in preserves the discharge cycles he has left. But if he's going to store it for awhile, it's best to store it at half capacity.