Should I get a Chromebook for a college student?

Episode 1087 (1:05:38)

Jay from Malvane, KS
Acer Chromebook

Jay wants to know if a Chromebook is a good option for kids. Leo says absolutely. Great for school work because Google docs is all online. But will it be good for a college student or should he get a low spec MacBook Air? Leo says he can get great deals for students with 10% off, plus Apple just dropped the price $100. So a MacBook Air is ideal for a college student.

Chromebooks are getting better and better, though. We are now doing a lot of things online, and there are Chrome extensions for almost everything. But what about iTunes? Leo says he can upload everything to Google Music and then just stream from the Chrome browser. The new Chromebook 2's will be coming out soon and they're very nice. Leo says that Chromebooks are great for education. They're secure and if something goes wrong, it's easy to "powerwash" it, which restores it back to factory settings.