How can I sync to the cloud without having issues with duplicate files?

Episode 1086 (1:17:22)

Steve from Calabassas, CA

Steve has Google Drive but he doesn't think it's organized very well for backup. Leo says it's not ideal as a backup solution. It's more of a temporary repository. Steve is having problems syncing to it, because it just keeps creating multiple copies. Leo says he could turn on Versioning in Google Docs, so that may help.

This is the nature of syncing. If Steve only worked on the cloud version of the files, he wouldn't have this issue. When he works on documents locally and then tries to sync the changes to the cloud, that's where problems can arise. Microsoft's Office 365 is a good choice because it will store the original documents in the cloud where Steve could access it anywhere. Lately, Leo has been using a device called the File Transporter, which keeps his file backed up and accessible online. It's also encrypted, and since he owns the drive it's connected to, he is the sole owner of his data. Find out more at