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Episode 1086 May 25, 2014

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Audience Questions

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Watch Deborah from Fullerton, CA Comments

Sherry signed up for Spam Sieve and since she didn't pay for it in time, she ending up with problems on her computer. Leo says that she has to disable it in her email first because it creates a rule. She'll have to disable that rule, then take Spam Sieve out of programs.

There's instructions in the Spam Sieve manual. Leo says that he used to use Spam Sieve and it's a legit program, but he prefers to use Google mail now. They are really good at collaborative filtering. And it's free.

Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

John would like to keep his legacy phone number and just use it for voicemail. Leo says he can port his phone number to a service, and he likes Grasshopper. There's also Google Voice, but John says that they won't port landline numbers. When he does port his number to a service, he will no longer have a landline phone, so he should keep that in mind.

A landline is crucial in cases of disaster or emergency because they know exactly where you are when you call. Whereas a cellphone or VOIP is regional.

Watch Devon from Corona, CA Comments

Devon thought his video card was failing so he removed it and now he's getting no post codes. Could the motherboard be bad? Leo says it could be a number of things, including loose cables or CPUs, memory etc. He should try reseating everything. Leo says Devon may have also lost the CMOS battery in the process, but that wouldn't fail the post.

Can he take the drive out and put it into another computer? Leo says sure. It's just a hard drive. He can put them into a USB enclosure pretty inexpensively. Or he could pick up a Universal Drive adapter. They're great for getting data off a drive without installing it.

Watch Randy from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Randy is wondering whether he should change his default browser to Google Chrome. Leo says he can change it if he wants, but it won't hurt anything to leave it set to Internet Explorer. He can't actually get rid of Internet Explorer, because it's tightly linked to the operating system.

Watch Josh from New York, NY Comments

Josh doesn't care for Windows Movie Maker. Leo says that Windows Movie Maker has gotten a lot better over time, but in general, he'll get what he pays for.

Leo recommends a paid solution like Adobe Premiere Elements. There's also Sony Vegas. It's well worth the $80. But if all he needs to do is cut up video, he may want to try VideoLAN Movie Creator. There are other open source solutions, but they're finicky and difficult to learn. One open source option is Lightworks.

Watch Edgar from San Diego, CA Comments

Edgar wants to get a new laptop with an SSD drive, and he's noticed that there are some SSDs that offer more storage for less. Leo says that not all solid state drives are alike. Leo recommends going to PCPerspective to check out their SSD Decoder board. There's a lot of factors that can make SSD drives faster including controllers, connection via PCI Express, etc. Leo recommends a SanForce controller.

Watch Edgar from San Diego, CA Comments

Edgar is also in the market for an HDTV. Leo likes Plasmas because they have the most cinematic look, but most manufacturers are getting out of plasmas because people are buying LCDs. LCD TVs have improved a lot over the past few years. Should he wait for UltraHD? Leo says we're starting to get more UHD content, so it won't be long before Leo will advise making the switch. It does look a lot better. But Leo says he's better off not buying a 4K TV right now. He should just get a very good 1080p with the knowledge he'll be going UHD in about 4-5 years. He should make sure to go with backlit LEDs, not edge lit.

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Watch Eric from California Comments

Eric got to shoot with the Sony a7s and he thinks it's amazing. Leo says that the a7s makes Sony a dark horse in the category, and out of nowhere they've become a heavy hitter. It tells Leo they're more committed to the platform that they're coming out with this a7s. It's also less expensive than the previous model, the a7r.

Leo says that mirrorless cameras are more compact and they're really starting to take off with professionals. Leo uses the Olympus OM-D micro 4/3s. But for Eric's location work, the Sony a7s is ideal.

Watch John from Worcester, MA Comments

John made the change from land lines to cellphones and he's been told by Verizon to keep that corded phone plugged in to make 911 calls. Leo says that's a great idea and good on Verizon if that's true.

He's also heard of the text 911 service. Leo says that's an interesting concept, especially if you're disabled or have accessibility issues. Or even of you are in danger and can't actually make a phone call. Still, though, it seems a bit odd. Leo would stick with the landline, and thinks it would be a great idea if a phone company offered free emergency service.

Watch Steve from Calabassas, CA Comments

Steve has Google Drive but he doesn't think it's organized very well for backup. Leo says it's not ideal as a backup solution. It's more of a temporary repository. Steve is having problems syncing to it, because it just keeps creating multiple copies. Leo says he could turn on Versioning in Google Docs, so that may help.

This is the nature of syncing. If Steve only worked on the cloud version of the files, he wouldn't have this issue. When he works on documents locally and then tries to sync the changes to the cloud, that's where problems can arise. Microsoft's Office 365 is a good choice because it will store the original documents in the cloud where Steve could access it anywhere. Lately, Leo has been using a device called the File Transporter, which keeps his file backed up and accessible online. It's also encrypted, and since he owns the drive it's connected to, he is the sole owner of his data. Find out more at

Watch David from San Bernardino, CA Comments

David has a MacBook Pro, but ever since he put a new SSD in, it keeps crashing. He's also noticed it happening when he's using Proxy in Eset. Leo says to turn off proxy and see if it still crashes. Leo says it could be that the cable to the SSD isn't secured properly, or it could be the SSD itself. He should open it back up and check all the connections.

Watch Byron from Irvine, CA Comments

Byron has a Windows Vista machine, but after the update on May 16th, Outlook stopped working. The upgrade is constantly "in progress." Leo says what he doesn't like about Outlook is that everything is stored in one huge ball of a PST file and when it gets too big, it gets corrupted.

Bryon need to reindex the file, and there's a repair tool for that. He should go to Run > ScanPST.exe, and find the Outlook.PST file. Select "repair". That should fix it. Leo also recommends backing up that file from time to time, that way if it does corrupt, he can merely replace it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Mike from Long Beach, CA Comments

Mike is getting a ton of popups on his laptop that he just bought. Leo says that is likely a bunch of software included on the laptop, called bloatware. The laptop was so cheap because they can subsidize the price with adware on your computer. And there's no real answer. You could try PCDrcrapifier. Or if you have a copy of Windows, you can just format your drive and reinstall the OS.

Watch Joe from Long Beach, CA Comments

Joe says that interleaving the letters for generating a code would be random and easy to recreate or remember because you would know what the pattern is. But Leo says that most people say it's either too hard or a hassle. And that's what the hackers are counting on.

Joe uses SoundCloud because it's basically the YouTube of Audio. He can put as long of a song as he wants without being penalized. Joe wants to know how good Pinnacle Studio is, though. Leo says he used to use Pinnacle Studio 3 and 4, but when vs. 6 came out, it was terrible and crashed all the time. He thinks that it's improved and Pinnacle has fixed most of those problems. So it may be worth trying again. But if Joe is dealing with crashing, then that isn't good. Joe likes that it's not only simple and intuitive, but he can also take a stationary shot of him and zoom and change perspective almost like a live shoot. And he can also do audio editing.

Watch Dennis from San Diego, CA Comments

Dennis needs to have an email address to provide for job applications, which is best? He doesn't have a home computer, and uses the library. Leo says that Gmail is the best option out there. It's very secure, easy to use and employers like it when they see it because it indicates people understand technology.

Watch Dennis from San Diego, CA Comments

Dennis is looking for a good prepaid smartphone. Leo says that the Motorola Moto G phone is a great option. Leo suggests getting it from Republic Wireless.

Watch John from California Comments

John wrote a cool app called "A Shout for Help," which provides GPS coordinates in a text message via SMS in an emergency. You press the big red button and it sends out an automatic shout for help to approved text numbers. Leo says that's a great idea. John wrote it for his wife just in case.

It's on the iTunes app store and it's currently free. And he's doing an Android version as well.

Watch Jay from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jay has an iPhone 5s and his new Mac doesn't recognize any photos from before he bought the 5S. Leo says that there are plenty of alternatives including Google+, Microsoft One Drive, DropBox (only 2GB), and Flickr. There's a ton of options and some are free.

John also lost most of his CDs and LPs when his house caught fire and he's only got a small portion of them ripped onto his iPhone. How can he get them off his iPhone and back them up to his laptop? Leo says that iTunes frowns on that but thankfully, there's a ton of options including Senuti for the Mac. There's also SharePod on Mac and Windows.

Watch Jim from Davis, CA Comments

Jim has a Chromecast for streaming to TV via Wi-Fi. Leo says that's a great device. Jim says that the Chromecast button that's supposed to appear in all media apps has disappeared, though. Leo advises relaunching the Chromecast app and also make sure the Chromecast is seated in the HDMI port properly.

If the light is blinking, then it's not online, so it could be having trouble connecting. Jim should unplug and plug it back in. That's how Google updates the Chromecast and maybe it just needed an update. When in doubt, reboot!

Watch Jerry from Richland, WA Comments

Jerry's Wi-Fi router isn't as fast as he'd like. Jerry should check out to see how fast he can get. He may also be able to move the router around to get a clearer signal and faster speeds.